OrderBook is paperless purchasing.

An easy-to-use mobile purchase order system on employees smartphones, with the administration screen on the accountant’s computer. Outstanding.

Transparent transactions.

The OrderBook dashboard gives you real time access to all the transactions in the system. You sort by project, user, client or department, doesn’t get any easier.

Real time purchase order management.

All details of the purchase, including a unique PO and job tracking, are remitted to the accountant in REAL TIME, providing oversight, spend control.

Best practice, better oversight.

Spend alerts and hire returns all help instill a cost conscious behavior in employees that can become part of a companies ‘best practice’ development.

Are you looking for a better way to manage your work-related purchases? OrderBook is here and it’s mobile!

Mobile Purchase orders, each with a unique Purchase Order number collated automatically to a Backoffice Dashboard for your accounting records. You can track purchasing, equipment hires and returns plus expense receipts, all with photographic evidence. Because details are recorded on your smart phone as you go, you get an instant account of the transaction on the OrderBook Backoffice Dashboard.

Go from Buying to Hiring

Accounts reconciliation is no longer the hours or days of matching invoices, statements and missing purchase records.

Reconcile as you go, match to the project, ensure billing is correct for each progress payment. Catch fraud and prevent leakage. Hire equipment alerts for returns on time to users and management.

Accounts reconciliation is no longer the hours or days long matching of invoices, statements and missing purchase records.

Reconcile as you go, match to the project, ensure billing is correct for each progress payment. Catch fraud and prevent leakage. Hire equipment alerts for returns on time to users and management.

Get it all sorted with OrderBook.

Your partner in purchase efficiency and transparency

Be More Accurate

OrderBook is as accurate and detailed as you need it to be. What you add is what you get.


Real Oversight

Real-time oversight means you are always up to date with your costs & employee spending.

Save Time & Money

Less admin time means more productive employees. That’s a saving in anyone’s language.

Better Analysis

Keep track of company-wide purchasing. Watch where the costs are and the savings to be made.

Free Version

Entry level use is free – forever.

And you'll get 20 documents per month and unlimited administrators, users, suppliers, projects.

Try it now – No credit card required!

Latest Testimonials.

Yakka Transport / Demolition / Civil

I started Yakka Demolition in 2012 with a few excavators and a Ute and its grown into one of the largest demolition companies in New Zealand. Along the way we have been instigating and adding processes and systems to help manage the quickly expanding business. We already were contracting and also moved into Transport and Civil works.

With a growing staff count on various sites around New Zealand we needed a system to check on and notify us here at head office about hired equipment, purchases and project spending. We found out about Tracman during its first phase as one of the developers was a friend of mine.

We installed, added key staff to the user lists and away we went…. and it immediately became clear that we could see areas where we were inefficient and losing time, spending on things we shouldn’t be, and catching hired items that we didn’t need. Definitely overturned some rocks and uncovered areas needing some oversight and control.

Tracman Version 2 has now been released and rebranded OrderBook we are excited about its extra check and balance features and from what the OrderBook team says, improvements will continue to be added and updated. Also, we asked for a special module which they obliged us with that is the “Request for Purchase Order [RfPO]” function, which really gives management control over spending.

Bruce Levien
Yakka Transport / Demolition / Civil

Yakka Transport / Demolition / Civil

The team here at Yakka Demolition have been using the original Tracman mobile purchasing App for the last four years with great success. The business was growing quickly, but we had no real system or controls in place of spending… also, our staff had little idea about the complexity of reconciling purchases and managing equipment hire over many different work sites spread all around the country. It was becoming a bit of a nightmare!

“Every month we had to chase up staff for dockets, paperwork all that stuff that can get lost, which we then had to try and reconcile with the invoices. Took ages.”

We searched around for some way to sort and control our workflow and couldn’t find anything, until we came across Tracman V1. It didn’t do everything that we needed but the Tracman team were very receptive to our requirements and have now improved the software to its current version rebranded as OrderBook that meets our needs even more. It quickly showed us where we the holes were in our purchasing control and hiring of equipment that we knew were frequently overdue. We found out this had cost us many thousands after we had installed this software.

Although it turned out to be simple to install and easy to use, the guys at OrderBook were really helpful and actually installed it for us and gave us instructions to the site foremen on how to use it. So glad we found this – it’s helped so many in the office and on site.

And just an FYI – We are super excited about OrderBook’s new features and flexibility and will be a complete devotee to the oversight that our rapidly changing business requires.

Trudy Clare

Office and HR Manager
Yakka Transport / Demolition / Civil

OrderBook is made for business.


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