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Based in Auckland, we are here to help streamline your business process.

Mobile Purchase orders, each with a unique Purchase Order number collated automatically to a Backoffice Dashboard for your accounting records. You can track purchasing, equipment hire and return plus expense receipts, all with photographic evidence. Because details are recorded on your smartphone as you go, you get an instant account of the transaction on the orderbook Backoffice Dashboard.

OrderBook is deliberately free standing, although Xero integration is under way. Many companies have Project Management Software already, but does it include mobile purchasing by staff with controls? OrderBook provides comprehensive oversight on staff purchasing in real time. Then export your data to your hearts content.

100% NZ Owned

As a company, we actively search out local providers for the things we need, not only to support New Zealand, but also if you want support, it’s a phone call away. We’re a small team with lots of different fields of experience. Help us to help you.

Smart Business Sense

‘Best Practice’ behaviour in business has highlighted areas ripe for efficiencies. Purchase control and analysis helps staff develop cost a conscious culture, adding to your bottom line. Opportunity for fraud is minimised.


Technology & Security

Digital Revolution is always updating OrderBook for security and speed, plus additional features such as OCR (Optical character recognition) plus Xero integration. The key is to maintain simplicity of use.

Competitive Pricing

Do you really know what your current purchasing costs per transaction? Add it all up and you’d be surprised. Our various levels of engagement provide ideal price brackets to ensure you will save money.


Simple and effective

Simplicity is a key approach we take

  • easy to install
  • easy for everyone to use
  • provides measurable benefits
  • helps improve company productivity

Excellent Customer Service

Timely communication, assistance & feedback is the key to our partnerships. We are here to help you get on with it.

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