Paperless Order Management for Construction Industry

Does your monthly reconciliation take far too long?
Do you have control and oversight on the company spend?
Do you have hire items being returned late?

If your answer is YES then OrderBook will resolve all of these issues, giving you time to work ‘on’ your business.

What is OrderBook?

OrderBook is a mobile purchasing system designed to keep a schedule of hiring or purchasing items for large projects by multiple users making daily expenditure manageable and reportable in real time.


How does OrderBook work?

OrderBook works like a minder of your hired assets, how much they cost, when they are due to be returned.

As a mini platform on your employee’s phone, all purchase activity is activated while the employee is at the counter, providing you scrutiny on what, how much and cost control. Also mindful of hire equipment return parameters.

Who needs OrderBook?

Demolition, Civil and construction industries, Hire age firms, scaffold suppliers.

In principle, any company with employees who may require purchasing, or hire equipment, or maybe commission work done Construction, demolition and Civil are just a few examples.

Is OrderBook simple to use?

Yes, it’s really easy to get going all you need is a name and a password, the rest of the activity is tracked every time a transaction is submitted.

Simplicity with security was always a key feature of the function. All you need is a name and a password, the rest of the activity is tracked every time a transaction is submitted.

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Why would you consider to use OrderBook as part of your administration?

Control on what is purchased (or hired)

There are no extra costs to have more staff using this. You have total individual control of spend levels by staff member, by $$ value or product.

No equipment can be hired without including a return date, which is tamper proof. Return alerts automatically sent.

Invoice reconciliation with purchase orders.

The mobile APP will generate an order number when approval is given. It is immutable (can’t be changed). When the invoice is received from the supplier, it is matched with the PO on the dashboard and approved.

No more chasing staff for their copy of the PO. Save time reconciling.

Reporting functionality

Do you have an easy method the generate reports at any time of the month? by job, by employee, by supplier. OrderBook has the report function built in.

Monthly Reconciliation

For company administrators, monthly reconciliations are a constant challenge.

The main problem they face is the multiple sources of documents needing collation prior to invoice payment. Currently this is mostly a manual process costing time and money. OrderBook brings it all together in one place in real time.

Lack of oversight?

Do you or the accountant have a real time picture of outgoings? Do you have control on what is being purchased or hired?

OrderBook is an APP on your staff’s mobile phone. When they need to purchase or hire something, it is all done on their phone. No paperwork to get lost or be returned to admin. All transactions appear on the admin dashboard in real time.

You have the option to require an approvals process by individual.

There are no extra costs having more staff using or administering the process.

I started Yakka Demolition in 2012 with a few excavators and a Ute and its grown into one of the largest demolition companies in New Zealand. Along the way we have been instigating and adding processes and systems to help manage the quickly expanding business. We already were contracting and also moved into Transport and Civil works.

With a growing staff count on various sites around New Zealand we needed a system to check on and notify us here at head office about hired equipment, purchases and project spending. We found out about Tracman during its first phase as one of the developers was a friend of mine.

We installed, added key staff to the user lists and away we went…. and it immediately became clear that we could see areas where we were inefficient and losing time, spending on things we shouldn’t be, and catching hired items that we didn’t need. Definitely overturned some rocks and uncovered areas needing some oversight and control.

Tracman Version 2 has now been released and rebranded OrderBook we are excited about its extra check and balance features and from what the OrderBook team says, improvements will continue to be added and updated. Also, we asked for a special module which they obliged us with that is the “Request for Purchase Order [RfPO]” function, which really gives management control over spending.

Bruce Levien

Director/Owner, Yakka Transport / Demolition / Civil

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