Easy Subscriptions.

Choose a subscription level based on the number of documents (invoices/receipts) you process each month.

In common with growing international trends, OrderBook is priced on the subscription model, per month, not on the number of users. However, unlike most models we realise common frustrations of smaller businesses when they don’t have access to many of the added features found in the more expensive subscription levels. So, we’ve addressed that, and all features are available at all levels.

“There is no limit to the number of administrators, there is no limit to the number of users. That is all up to you.”

Levels are purely determined by the number of documents you process. If you are a small business doing 20 docs or less per month, it’s free…forever, fully featured. If you process more, we charge only  in bundles of documents, right up to more than 1000 docs per month. Check out the subscription levels below and see which might suit your workflow best. You can always change, up or down. It’s about what works best for you.


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*All pricing is plus GST where applicable.*

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We already have Mobile purchasing functionality with our current software. Why should I use Orderbook?

A key question would be if the staff effectively use it, and then can you extract the reports you need? Management need to engage with the employees to show how this will make their jobs easier, engaging them to work on efficiencies.

A platform like Orderbook makes reconcilations easy, less time calling staff to check up on an invoice and less time engaging with the supplier, not wasting everybody’s time.

Daily receipts also processed in real time.

Can I change plans?

Sure, you can change plans, up or down, at months end with minimum 3 days’ notice.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, if circumstances change you can cancel at any time up to 3 days prior to months end. However, no partial month subscriptions will be refunded.

Is support included?

We will genuinely offer as much support as we can, either by chat, phone or by email. Please first read the section in the website footer regarding trouble-shooting to see if a solution can be found there.

Is it easy to start?

Absolutely yes? Many companies have not cleansed their databases for considerable time, this will be step 1.

  • Export your database as a csv file.
  • Save the database under a new file name.
  • On the new file, manually scroll through the list and delete any suppliers you no longer use, save.
  • Check under our resources [here] and review the required file format of the template (column order etc) and change yours to match. Save.
  • Where it says, ‘add supplier file’, add your now cleansed file and it will automatically load into your platform.

Any glitches, ether chat, email or phone us.

What about refunds?

Our company abides by all relevant legislation regarding interaction with you, our valued client. If there is a genuine mistake on our part, any subscriptions will be refunded promptly. However, unused documents at month end do not carry over to the next month.

Lost or stolen phone?

You should immediately contact your company administrator, inform them of such and request termination of user access.

On making your new phone live, again request your company administrator to send you an invitation via email. Without this, it will not link to the dashboard.

Follow the standard install procedures, use the same email address but DO NOT use the same password from the previous phone.

It makes no difference at this point if you choose IOS or Android version.

Are there additional costs?

Pricing plans have been designed to offer the best value for the size of business, all based on the number of documents (invoices/packslip/receipts) that you process per month.

In the pricing matrix you will see the extra document charges which apply per plan when your number goes over the subscription number per month.

We advise you to consider your long-term volume per month to select the best value for you. Any questions? Talk to us and we can easily assist you.

Customisation is possible to a certain degree, and would be charged at our standard hourly rate.

There are no refunds or rollovers for unused documents.

What does unlimited administrators or unlimited users mean?

When we say unlimited, we mean it. An administrator is a person in your accounts department (or your partner if you are small)who either oversees invoice payment or the reconciliation process. You can have any number of people as administrators, from the accountant plus GM plus accounts clerks or whomever, up to you, no extra charge.

Unlimited Users? most software is limited by the users you pay for. Again, we are not concerned. The more the better, you will get improved control on spending.

We advise you to consider your long-term volume per month to select the best value for you. Any questions? Talk to us and we can easily assist you.

There are no refunds or rollovers for unused documents.