Triplicate order books

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Purchase Order, Business Case

Thinking about how you do your purchasing now?

Do you:

  1. use a triplicate paper order book?
  2. use a feature of your accounting program?
  3. use a special software platform unique to your business?
  4. Use nothing, just buy anyway.

Common to all four, are you happy with the procedure? do you have control on what the staff are doing? do you have oversight on your cashflow on a daily basis? do you think staff are helping themselves at your expense? how does your accounts department do their audit reconciliations each month? do they complain about it?

Do you spend too much time putting out fires? working ‘IN’ your business not ‘ON’ your business?

Perhaps OrderBook is a good fit for you?

No 1. It is surprising how many companies still use a paper based order book. Order number generation on mobile is the logical solution, causing a digital trace from the beginning, through the approval process, to reconciliation. Your accounts will love you how simple it is.

The sequence of order numbers helps accounting recognise any fraudulent purchasing.

No 2. some accounting platforms, like Xero, have a feature for staff to use for generating online purchase orders. But how many of your staff can use it? Do you pay extra per user? Not with OrderBook, and it’s really easy to use. Can you modify fields to fit with your business? OrderBook is particularly well suited to the construction industry, and includes the Hire and return of equipment.

No 3. Use a special software unique to your business?

There are some platforms out there which also incorporate other functionality, for example, quoting or project scheduling. All good software, but perhaps not so easy to use and maybe less oversight.

No 4. Using nothing, perhaps because it’s just a small business anyway, and you know what you are purchasing.

You can take that approach and trust that end of month reconciliations all work out. When a supplier questions your payment schedule on the statement, you having nothing to equate that to save some packslips collected at point of purchase, if you have them.

Given that you understand a little more, why not try OrderBook? It’s easy to install, unlimited staff, easy to set up and easy to use, with all the purchases ending on your dashboard in real time.

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