Why use purchasing software like OrderBook?

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Business Case

Most companies give little thought as to the true cost of their purchasing. Not the item cost, the cost of reconciling the invoice through to payment. For something simple, a requirement for the office, the cost is low. If it is something seemingly simple, some extra building materials for a client’s job, the process becomes more complex. From selecting a supplier, an employee to pick it up, getting the paperwork back to the office , reconciling that paperwork with the supplier invoice when it comes, and finally ensuring the materials are billed correctly to the client.

This all has a direct cost. Do you know what that is? A business consulting company here in NZ has determined this cost ranges between $40 -$130 on average for EACH purchase. So, what if you could halve that?

Major US companies are now determining that ‘procurement’ is a major cost centre able to contribute substantially to the bottom line. However most NZ companies have yet to recognise the significance of this role.


This is where OrderBook shines. As a stand alone digital platform to be used in office on laptop, or in the field on a phone, it’s a flexible structure built for you. Simple to install, simple for staff to use, but control and oversight still stays with you.

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